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Do you have a cluttered home?  Eventually the things you move around, the barriers you place in your home to wall yourself in become invisible to you. Only your guests, visitors or potential buyers notice the things you pass by every day.  It can be as simple as too many photographs, clothes in the corner, messy counter-tops, the wrong color paint, or the placement of a chair in what would be the natural path from one room to another. 


Angela Ahosaari practices the ancient art of  "flow" within the home, using BTB Feng Shui wisdom to craft an environment conducive to positive emotions and peaceful living.  Real estate agents, interior decorators, home stagers and homeowners who like to entertain guests, hire Angela to remove obstructions so that residents and visitors are more comfortable in the space.  Once a home has positive energy, communication and intention can flow without interruption.  When Angela uses Feng Shui in a home that you are selling, there will be less barriers to making the sale.


In a very similar way, Angela works to remove obstructions inside your body.  Reiki is a practice of allowing healing energy to flow freely inside the body and correct when systems have barriers to communication.  These systems send messages to our nervous system and our nervous system sends messages back to our body.  With the regular use of Reiki, we can align our inner systems to be peaceful and harmonious with each other, which will bring about better emotional balance and physical health.  


Angela is a charismatic and sincere independent Feng Shui consultant in Calgary and is certified by Mount Royal University in both BTB Feng Shui and Reiki Master programs.  From a young age, Angela sensed there was more to life than we can see, and through her practice of Feng Shui and Reiki, she has made the connection to how energy flows everywhere around us.  How we work with that energy produces healthy bodies and healthy living environments. Angela's favorite moment is the "Ah-Hah!" moment a client has when they can feel the connection, and they say "It worked!  I can feel the difference." 

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